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SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

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ClearSkies, Inc. of Phoenix Arizona announces the release of an affordable stand-alone power supply system for above ground fuel tank systems.  

The SunPump System 2000 provides reliable operating voltage to 12 volt DC pumps through the use of state-of-the art electronics, solar technology and energy storage reservoirs to pump any amounts of fuel or liquid product.  Day or Night!  Rain or Shine!  The sun does not have to be out in order for the system to work.  The sun merely provides the charging cycle to replenish the main energy storage reservoirs.  NOW, it is no longer necessary to excavate and trench for dedicated electrical service or emergency shut-off switching to fuel tank installations.  

Save on manpower, time, installation expenses, and overall costs with the purchase of a SunPump System 2000 Today!.  

The SunPump power supply system offers complete and totally reliable stand-alone convenience and is capable of delivering an any product, any where, any time, where you NEED it!  

The SunPump System 2000 is available in many models which can provide pumping capability form 200 gallons a month to 20,000 gallons a month, and beyond.  Dozens of SPS2000 units have been in operation for many years and have experienced zero failures which offers true proven and tested reliability and total customer satisfaction.  Contact our sales staff at 1-888-808-1200 or visit us on the web at:


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