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Power Supply Systems for Storage Tanks

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SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

put your tank where YOU want it!

Looking for a quick set-up to start pumping immediately?

Tired of trenching for power distribution?

Need Simplicity without sacrificing safety?

SunPump System

Pump fuel When you need it

Where you need it

24 hours a day

7 days a week

" I would really like to put my tank over there, but how do i get power to it?"   


The SunPump System™ can offer true reliability in an affordable and failsafe system that can be quickly set-up to get you "up and pumping".  The SunPump System™ can be installed on your existing fuel storage tank to provide the answer to your fuel pumping needs.  Why worry about "How do I get power to my tank".  Perfect for; Maintenance Facilities, DOT yards, Public Safety sites, Golf Courses, Rental Yards.... 

 Just think of the possibilities!  

Now, position your tank where you want it without worry!

The SunPump System™ offers the safety, portability, reliability and durability for state of the art above ground fuel deliverly. 


Clearskies, Inc - SunPump System™ - U. S. patent 5692647


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