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Power Supply Systems for Storage Tanks



SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

The SunPump System 2000

The SunPump System 2000™ is a self-contained 12volt DC primary power application designed for fuel delivery systems. The SunPump System 2000™ eliminates the need for dedicated electrical service and can be completely mobile, allowing the system to be installed with minimal on-site preparation and set-up time. Unlike most fuel tank installations, the SPS2000 is a COMPLETE electrical power supply system, which does not require TRENCHING, or EXCAVATION to a inconvenient or non-existent dedicated electrical service panel.  The SunPump System 2000 is TOTALLY RELIABLE! The innovative and proven design of the SunPump System 2000™ offers true mobility, easy expansion capability and exceeds a typical hard-wired system with features beyond belief. Uniquely designed for the petroleum industry, the SPS2000 offers options such as, wireless emergency fuel shut-off switching that can be easily mounted up to 50 feet from the pumping station. The SPS2000 is uniquely designed to use solar power collectors and energy storage reservoirs including state of the art electronics to pump any amounts of fuel needed. Day or Night! Rain or Shine! 500 gallons a month or 10,000 gallons a month! Consider the many advantages! Solar energy Tax incentives also!

Key Benefits

bulletAllows Quicker Planning & Installation of AST Systems
bulletReduces AST Installation Costs
bulletNo Trenching needed
bulletNo dedicated outside electrical service or panels
bulletNo additional wiring
bulletTotally Reliable
bulletCompletely Y2K compliant
bulletThe SPS200™ is designed to supply power for;
bulletCard Readers
bulletTank Alarm Systems
bulletTank Management Systems
bulletTank Wireless Communications Systems
bulletas supplied by these and other fine manufacturers such as;
bulletWestern Electronics
bulletDismass Pumps™
bulletGreat Plains


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