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Power Supply Systems for Storage Tanks



SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

The SunPump System 2000 is truly unique in that it can be used on any type of above ground storage tank in any location in the world. Each SunPump System is carefully constructed to meet the specific needs of the petroleum industry for fuel delivery.  This typical remote site set-up is the basic system, which can be installed with minimal set-up. 

As simple as 1, 2, 3. Once your tank is located, just install the basic system components, face the System components in the direction of maximum sunlight, and energize the system. Now you're ready to Pump!

Consider the advantages that the SPS2000 has over standard hard-wired applications:

Durability: Photovoltaic modules have no moving parts, and degradation is minimal. Many solar panel systems have been operating in harsh environments for 15 years or more with no measurable decrease in output power.

Maintenance: Any energy system requires maintenance. Experience shows that maintaining a SPS2000 application is less expensive than most alternatives. Virtually maintenance free.

Modularity: The SunPump System 2000 is designed for easy expansion. If pumping demand might change in future years, the ease and cost of altering the system is minimal.

Reliability: Proven reliability includes operation in severe weather conditions including snow and ice for unattended long periods of time. Thousands of solar powered applications have been operating reliably for many years. It is no wonder that solar powered applications are now the standard for many applications.

Installation: The SPS2000 requires no excavation, trenching or dedicated electrical service. Minimal preparation and set-up time is needed.

Portability: Uniquely designed, the SPS2000 offers 100% true portability and can be set up virtually anywhere and a 100% return on the installation costs is realized if site needs change.

Day or Night, Winter or Summer: A solar panel exposed to the sun will convert roughly 12% of the energy it sees into DC (direct current) electricity. With solar energy as the power source, batteries then become the reservoir for this energy. From this receiver the SPS2000 will operate 12 volt pumps, lights, fuel management systems, interstitial leak alarms, overfill alarms and many other options. Since the system operates from the storage batteries, the SPS2000 application can be used day or night. The typical SPS2000 application can pump thousands of gallons of product over a long period without even seeing the sun. Solar powered units are so reliable and advanced that charging occurs even on overcast and cloudy days, consecutively.

Operational Costs: None

Tax Credits: The U.S. Government along with many States offer Solar Energy Equipment credits.  


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