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SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

.......... Introducing       the SunPump System™..........  Save Money!!!!..... Save       Time!!!!..... Simple to Install.....

SunPump System

The SunPump System is not a tank, nor is it a pump.... However, it is a truly unique application which has stormed the Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Industry offering a cost saving alternative for tank installations.   Your Tank and the SunPump System will allow you to quickly and effortlessly install your tank and pumps where YOU want, without the need for trenching or excavation to a dedicated electrical service panel.   The SunPump System is a totally reliable power supply system to operate pumps and other accessories. Pump the product where you want, when you want, 24 hours a day!  

Click here to start planning and designing the system which will best meet your needs. 

The SunPump System™
.... Simple.... Cost Effective..... Self Contained...... Reliable.....

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