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Power Supply Systems for Storage Tanks



SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

SunPump System   Comparison Guide

Compare the value and versatility between a traditionally installed electrical system and the SunPump System.......

Traditional Electrical Install SunPump System Install
bulletSaw cut concrete or asphalt
bullettrench to electrical source
bulletinstall wrapped conduit in trench
bulletcall for inspection
bulletbackfill trench
bulletrestore trench area
bullettransport and or rent trenchers, saw cutting equipment or backhoe
bulletrequires costs for saw cutting, dump fees wrapped conduit, permit, backfill materials, concrete or asphalt, additional labor, time and equipment
bulletaverage length of installation time until you have a working system  1-5 Days
bulletcomplete loss of installation costs to re-install the system if you need to relocate or sell the tank.
bulletInstall SunPump Unit on tank
bullet Connect SunPump unit from junction box on base to fuel delivery pump
bulletinstallation can be performed on site or at shop prior to delivery
bulletRequires NO COSTS for saw cutting, dump fees, wrapped conduit, backfill materials, concrete/asphalt, or equipment such as backhoes, trenchers or sawcutters.  
bulletAverage length of installation time until you have a working system  MAXIMUM 2-4 HOURS
bulletNO LOSS of install costs
bulletNO COSTS to re-install or move the system except for minor labor

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