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SunPump System

by ClearSkies, Inc. 

U.S. Patent # 5692647

SunPump System 2000 

Planning and Design Guide

The SunPump System 2000 incorporates many features which allow for quick and simple installation. Selecting the appropriate SunPump System model will provide optimal pumping performance. The following guide will assist you in determining the best unit to use in order to ensure maximum performance.  This guide is a generalized planning document only. Geographic and climatic conditions as well as pump size are an integral element to exact system sizing. Your local distributor will assist in final system requirements at the time of order.

How to determine the best SunPump System to meet your needs?

1. Determine location of installation using installation zone map, (fig 1) and identify closest zone number to installation site.

2.  Use corresponding system sizing guide, (fig 2) to identify the SunPump System model to best meet your needs.

*Numbers are a generic determination of sunlight availability only and each State my vary considerably depending upon exact installation locations

Alaska & Hawaii..... please call 1-888-808-1200 and ask for these specific planning guides.

International Planning.....Please contact us with the installation location and we will identify the zone area that most adheres to your region.  

System Sizing Guide  (fig.2)

gallons to pump per month installation zone Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6
2000 SP-1P80 SP-1P53 SP-1P53 SP-1P53 SP-1P53  SP-1P53
3000 SP-2P53 SP-1P80 SP-1P80 SP-1P53 SP-1P53 SP-1P53
4000 SP-2P80 SP-2P53 SP-1P80 SP-1P80 SP-1P80 SP-1P53
5000 SP-4P53 SP-2P80 SP-2P53 SP-1P80  SP-1P80 SP-1P80
6000 SP-3P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P53  SP-2P53 SP-1P80
7000 SP-4P80 SP-4P53 SP-2P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P53 SP-2P53
8000 SP-4P80 SP-3P80  SP-2P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P53
9000 SP-4P80 SP-3P80 SP-4P53 SP-2P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P80
10,000 SP-4P80 SP-4P80 SP-3P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P80 SP-2P80
10,500+ call for details


[Using the System Sizing Guide]


Estimate the number of gallons of product pumped per month.


From the installation zone map, (fig. 1) select the nearest zone number corresponding to the intended installation location.


Select the SunPump System model number from the System Sizing Guide by matching the installation zone column to the estimated gallons of product to be pumped per month column. The matching model number will meet most *typical needs for pumping. However, as many geographic and climate parameters exist within certain States, the final recommended model could vary from those listed. This can be determined through your local distributor, or by calling; 

ClearSkies Technical Support @ 1-888-808-1200

 *Typical pump size is 12 volt and less than 20 Amps

Your SunPump System unit shipped from the factory will contain an installation guide and instructions to ensure optimal installation for peak performance.

Some key points to use in planning your installation site are;

bulletSelect a site where unobstructed maximum sunlight availability occurs.
bulletTrees, tall buildings, and other obstructions will cast shadows and limit sunlight availability to the the charging circuit.

Call ClearSkies toll free for further installation and planning tips.


System Models available:


Model SP-1P53 & Model SP-1P80

Depending upon installation location*, these basic models are 1 panel, moderate wattage systems which can be used in zones 1 through 6 depending upon gallons pumped per month.


Model SP-2P53 & Model SP-2P80

Depends upon installation location*, these basic 2 panel, moderate to high wattage systems are generically designed for use in installation zones 1 through 3 or where high volumes of product are to be pumped.


Model SP-3P80

Depending upon installation location*, this basic model is a 3 panel, high wattage system generically designed for use in installation zones 1 through 3 or for applications requiring high volumes of product pumped.


Model SP-4P53 & Model SP-4P80 

Depending upon installation location*, these basic 4 panel, high wattage system generically designed for use in installation zones 1 through 3 for higher volume or higher amperage applications.

* see fig 1 (installation zone map) 

These System configurations represent models available. ClearSkies also provides customized system design and configuration. Other system matched options available include: interstitial leak detection alarms, overfill alarms, security lights and alarms.  Check out our abundant options available before finalizing your order!


Contact ClearSkies or your local distributor for further information and assistance.

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